Iowa Wine on The Iowa Journal

Tabor Home Winery, Baldwin, IA

This week we look at an industry that many of you are familiar with and are helping to support — the Iowa wine industry.

Iowa wines are growing by leaps in bounds.

The production of Iowa wine has increased from 1999 when there were only 13 wineries with only 31 acres. Between 2002 and 2005, the state went from 33 to 53 wineries producing 134,000 gallons of wine on 600 acres. Now, the state boasts 74 wineries, 398 growers, 1200 acres and 293,000 gallons of wine.

How has the state done that? There’s been very few if any tax credits to help the industry. There’s been some loan or marketing help, but for the most part, this industry has grown on its own.

We look at a couple of wineries and vineyards in Iowa that are production. I’ve posted about where exactly we traveled in an earlier post here. But we went to Tabor Home, Brush Creek, Fireside and Tassel Ridge.
Wine bottles

Our feature is shaping up well and will air ahead of our discussion with three guests. Mike White of the Iowa-based Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute, Barb Rasko, publisher of Make Mine Wine magazine, and Ron Mark, the owner and operator of Summerset Winery in Indianola.

The program airs Thursday at 8p on Iowa Public Television in full HD. Then Friday at 630p. The show will also live online at our website of

Next week we’ll air only on December 25th with our Public Art program. And New Year’s Day will include our Kathryn Koob.

And here’s a video talking about the show and the work that goes into it.


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