Best Hat – Finals

Its time to make a final decision on which reporter had the best looking hat during the #WinterDeathStorm2009.

There were lots of great entries and great interest, but now its time to pick from the final 10.

Here they are:

Round 1 Top 5:

Nate Vaughn, Hillary Mintz, Angie Hunt, Justin Gehrts, Elizabeth Klinge, Megan Salois move on to the finals. Elizabeth and Megan tied with 4%, so they will both move on.

Round 2 Top 5: Fran Riley 1 and Fran Riley2, Adam Frederick, Elizabeth Goodsitt and Rachel Pierce.

The poll will be open for a couple of days, so you can rally your friends to vote for you or co-worker.

Here are the pictures of the finalists. The poll will be below the pictures. If you need a little background on the contest, you can visit here.

Nate Vaughn - Wartburg TV8
Hillary Mintz - WOI-TV
Angie Hunt - KCCI -TV, Dec. 8, 2009- Snowball on her shoulder.
Justin Gehrts - KCRG-TV
Elizabeth Klinge -WHO-TV
Megan Salois - WHO-TV, hood in the blizzard

Round 2 Winners:

Fran Riley2 KWQC Its not even fair, when Fran gets into the contest.
Fran Riley1 - KWQC-TV (hat and ear muffs)
Adam Frederick - KIMT-TV
Elizabeth Goodsitt - KWQC-TV with a little help from Mike Colon.
Rachel Pierce - WOI-TV (she did not report live from the storm, but give the pregnant woman a break)

Here’s the poll. There are some stations that have competing members of a news staff. Good luck splitting your newsrooms loyalties over this one. And Fran, sorry you have to compete against yourself.

The winner will get a hat at this year’s Iowa Broadcast News Association convention in Cedar Rapids. I will present it to you at the convention. How’s that for getting attendance numbers up?


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