More Hats, More Hats

I have to admit, I had no idea this little game of picking the best reporter hat would be so much fun and so popular. Thanks for everyone for voting in the first round. The voting was through the roof.

Let’s see if we can do it again. If you need a refresher on the game, visit here.

This time, we’ve got some pics from Mason City, Dubuque, Des Moines and Quad Cities.

Look around and decide. The new poll will post later in the day.

I’ll likely have a run-off election between the top vote getters in the two polls. If you want to see the picture bigger, just click on it and in most cases a larger image will appear.

Here we go.

Beth Tuttle - KIMT - TV
Rachel Baillion - KIMT-TV
Adam Frederick - KIMT-TV
Rachel Pierce - WOI-TV (she did not report live from the storm, but give the pregnant woman a break)
Lauren Squires - KWWL-TV
Jamie Grey - KWWL-TV
Elizabeth Goodsitt - KWQC-TV with a little help from Mike Colon.
Kristy Mergenthal - WQAD-TV
Chris Williams - WQAD-TV
Andrea Medeiros - WHBF-TV

And even though she’s now in Grand Rapids, she was a Quad City reporter at I think, every outlet, except WHBF, Jennifer Pascua.

Jennifer Pascua - WZZM-TV (Formerly KWQC, WQAD, KLJB-TV)

Jennifer thinks I should look for old KWQC photos of my reporting days in the snow, but I’ll stick to my Iowa Public Television job where we don’t go out in the snow unless we have to.
Late entries include from the QC:

Meredith Haley - KWQC-TV
Tambrey Lane - KWQC-TV


Fran Riley
Fran "The Legend" Riley - KWQC-TV (hat and ear muffs)

Enjoy the pics. I’ll post a poll later today. The vote off will probably be later this weekend.


I always vote Fran Riley when I get a chance.

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