Hat Day and Night

Hillary Minz - WOI-TV

Here are some of the early nominees for best hat in the Winter Death Storm 2009. We’ve got some good ones, so enjoy. What we’re looking for is best hat in the snow storm. A litt Some will go fashionable, others will be more practical. We start with Hillary Minz of WOI-TV in Des Moines. Her live shot was dusting off a car that had been snowed on all day.

Andy Fales - WHO-TV, no hat

Andy Fales of WHO-TV was out for a few shots on Tuesday, sans hat. He’s a sports guy, so hats don’t get worn in sports. Unless its a ball cap, which, BTW, I’ve yet to see a ball cap in this coverage.

Emily Price - KCCI-TV, standard black

Emily Price was along the interstate with a standard black hat. Very practical. Good backdrop, BTW on her shot. Emily is hoping its warmer in the studio this weekend when she gets behind the anchor desk.

Megan Salois - WHO-TV, hood in the blizzard

Megan Salois of WHO was along the interstate, it appeared. She was wearing a hat, but it was covered by her hood. So, that was all we saw, the hood. Megan is a meteorologist and that’s always good to see them in the field during a big storm, it works for the Weather Channel.

Triple Box - KCCI

Here’s a look at one graphic by KCCI, a triple box. You know its a real story when graphics are specially made for the storm. You will see their special graphics from here on out for the rest of storm. When music gets added and an open made, you know its a big story.

Quad box - WHO-TV

WHO brought out the quad box on Tuesday. Always impressive. Thanks to the network news for inspiring the idea. The Today Show is famous for their boxes. They seem to put anyone’s picture in who’s around. Good for them.

Angie Hunt - KCCI -TV, Dec. 8, 2009- Snowball on her shoulder.

Angie Hunt is based in Ames for KCCI. She was in the middle of serious snow, or so it seems. She’s got a good red hat, but its the apparent hit by a snow ball on her shoulder that got my attention.

I can remember a black trench coat just seemed to suck the snow. I’m not going to admit to having Bob Palmer throw snow at me to make it look like I really was out in the elements.

Eric Hanson - KCCI-TV, earmuffs.

Eric Hanson goes with the ear muffs to allow his red hair to shine in the snow. He wore those two nights in a row. Good stuff. Eric’s live shot for KCCI included sticking his ruler in the snow. It appeared that worked to demonstrate the depth and reason for him to stay out for 2 hits in the show.

Keri Gavin - KCCI-TV, standard black hat.

Keri Gavin of KCCI was using the standard black hat as well during her live shot. She gets bonus points for wearing a scarf.

Full screen of reporters, KCCI-TV

And KCCI has another graphic of where there reporters are during the newscast. But, we never saw Steve Karlin in the elements. Maybe today.

Now we get to some entries from Jesse Gavin of KCRG. He’s provided a few screen shots of his reporters. Thanks for that.

Justin Gehrts - KCRG-TV

Justin Foss - KCRG-TV

Dave Franzman - KCRG-TV

Josh Baynes - KCRG-TV

Katie Wiedemann - KCRG-TV

Thanks Jesse for those.
Now to the always creative Wartburg Comm Arts kids.
Sometimes, though, they don’t know enough about dressing for the live shot.
Here’s Nate Vaughn.

Nate Vaughn - Wartburg TV8

Here’s one I found of Megan Reuther of WHO-TV.

Megan Reuther - WHO-TV

Thanks to Romelle for a post from WHO and Elizabeth Klinge.
Elizabeth Klinge -WHO-TV

And if you would like to go ahead and vote, you can do so right here.


One thought on “Hat Day and Night

  1. Props to Andy Fales for going hatless. A real man. Dumb, perhaps, but manly. Besides, once u put on a hat ur stuck w/ it all day cuz of hat hair issues.

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