Snow Day

11p Monday night

Ok, all that talk of snow coverage got me going on a little snow reporting today.

How about a little play-by-play of the snow storm? I was planning on shooting video of Harrison Barnes and the Ames Cyclones playing at West Des Moines Dowling Catholic for a feature on the Iowa Journal. That will have to wait until January 23rd, 2010 as the game was snowed out tonight.

I’ll post a few pics of the storm as I deal with it.

The first picture is from 11p Monday night. The snow started falling shortly after that. At 4a when I got up to feed Levi, about an inch had fallen.

7a Tuesday

By 7a Tuesday, the view from my house showed snow on the ground and my two neighbors on either side had already been out and ran their snow blowers and shovels.

1015a Tuesday - before the snowblower
1015a Tuesday - before the snowblower

The drive to Noah’s school was nice and slow. He’s excited because he’s getting to wear boots.

After a morning of appointments, it was time to snow blow. I had a hair cut scheduled and only person had cancelled by the time I left at 830a.

At my dentist appointment, a few people had shuffled. Noah was to see the ENT again about his tonsils, just to make sure they weren’t there anymore and that appointment got moved up as the office was going to close. Amy isn’t the biggest fan of snow, but she made it and just took it slow.

Now, back to the snow blower. I’ve had one the last couple of years and its been great. My friend Mike gets to use his new snowblower today. To say he’s excited, is an understatement.

1040a Tuesday - after the first pass, with the Ankeny Public Works truck driving down our street.

It only took a few minutes to get the two inches off the driveway.

By the time I was done, the Ankeny Public works department had a truck going down our street. I call that good service.

I did catch the noon news today, a few hats were in force. That’s always good to see. Here’s a link to my post yesterday about what’s happening in the newsrooms as the storm is approaching.

I am working on a story about the Iowa Wine Industry. Quite fun to think of warm days in the vineyard while watching it snow.

For the record, my view from my home office is quite nice. I can see it snow and hear Noah not take a nap. Fun times.

235p Tuesday - Mail arrives. Thanks USPS!

2:45 UPDATE: The United States Postal Service does deliver. The mail carrier, more like mail driver, just stopped by the house with our mail. Amy was working on getting more of our Christmas cards/picture out. This year it features the boys. That’s still weird for me to say that we’ve got two of those crazy boys.

Soon, Noah and I will head out and do our part to put a dent in the snow that’s piled up since 1030a.

BTW, I have been updating the Iowa Journal twitter stream today with videos you can watch during the snow storm. As long as you’ve got the internet, this will be a chance to catch up on our back episodes. You can follow those Iowa Journal tweets here.

430p Tuesday - Noah sees how high the snow piles are

UPDATE: 430p Tuesday
Noah decided he wanted to come outside and see the snow in person. He also wanted to see if the snow was good enough to build a snowman. Not quite. But you can see the piles were starting to mount. He helped shovel for a bit.

He’s doing better in the snow this year, than other years. Just a year makes a big difference in his tolerance of cold and snow. Plus, its a new thing again right now. We’ll see what he does in a couple of months when we have snow over the house.

Hopefully by then, we can build at least one snow man. That seems to be his goal this winter. I’ll do what I can to help that one out.

430p Tuesday - Noah helps shovel the front steps

Noah did some damage outside our front door. But a big thanks to our neighbors for helping clear our driveway this afternoon.

The snow is now falling so fast, you can hardly tell where you shovelled in 3 minutes. Then, the snow covered up your work.

I think the snow blower will stay in the garage tonight. We’ll start it back up Wednesday morning.

6p Tuesday - Another snow plow goes by our street

UPDATE: 630p Another Ankeny snow plow made the rounds after we got done eating supper. This is the second time a plow has gone through our street. This was one of those front end loader types. Normally, they come through our street in the middle of the night, to clear us all out. Tonight, it was only a drive path.

The snow did stop around 830p and it will likely begin again soon. Quite the night and the wind is blowing already. Can’t imagine what it will be like when the real wind strikes.

926p Update: Remember my friend Mike’s snow blower excitement? Of course he’s got video of it to share for the world. Enjoy.

RT @michaelgraham: And so it begins…

Wed 5p Update: In all my years of covering winter storms, I learned something today. Our furnace did not kick on at 5p like scheduled. Called for service. Was told it would be 4-5 hours. 72 Degrees in Ankeny suggested I check my exhaust and intakes on the exterior of the house. After a little digging, I got them cleared and we have heat. Thanks for the help 72 Degrees of Ankeny.


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