Calling all hats

Angie Hunt - KCCI -TV, Dec. 8, 2009

I made a post about hats worn by reporters covering the storm. Well, we have some nominees for best #winterdeathstorm2009 (that’s the Twitter hash tag being used. If you click on that while on Twitter, you’ll see all the posts with that hash tag. I think #snoapocalpse or something like it is being used as well.) hat by reporters.

I’ve got many Des Moines tv market reporters covered. But I really want to see a statewide effort. River to river and Border to border, I want to see them all.

If you’ve got any tv, radio or print reporters in a hat in a snowstorm, post it on the comments section and I’ll get it added to the post.

We may have  a prize for the reporter voted with the best hat. I think we may find an orange SuperFan hat, thanks to our friend Aaron Buzza.

Submit away. Get those TiVos and camera phones ready tonight’s 10p news.


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