Bill Wundrum begins the fight

Bill Wundram - From the Quad City Times

Not many newspaper journalists will be at a newspaper as long as Bill Wundrum has.

None will get the chance to write a column 7 days a week for more years than anyone can count. He’s been at a Davenport noos-paper for 65 years. He’s got a parking spot, a statue, a key to the city, a lifetime membership as a circus clown and warm place in many people’s hearts and a reservation at about every restaurant in the QC.

Bill is Bill. Always has been, always will be.

But, Bill, is fighting a huge battle. He’s battling prostate cancer.

He revealed it about a month ago. Saturday, he wrote about what begins Monday.

He calls the cancer aggressive, but we know he’s a fighter.

I got to meet Bill during my time in the Quad Cities. We even shared the stage a time or two to help out the Girl Scouts of the Mississippi Valley in our Salute to Broadway. Bill was there one year in a lion costume for his song from “Lion King”, but he was singing Hakuna Matata. Yes, I know that doesn’t exactly fit the story, but it was Bill at his finest.

Hakuna Matata is fitting, to a point. Bill’s had no worries for a long time.
Now, we’re pulling for him so he can keep having no worries and get this cancer fight behind him so we can get him back to asking politicians what they have in their pockets (something he famously did ask Al Gore what he had in his pockets and has done it since.)

Good luck, Bill. We’re all pulling for you.


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