Best of the Week Nov 30-Dec 4, 2009

We begin the week with a look at wildlife in Iowa. Specifically rattlesnakes. Did you know there were rattlers in Iowa? Apparently, yes. But, the CR Gazette reports the numbers continue to dwindle.

And the bobcat season has come to a close. This is always an interesting story to me.

Questions still remain about Iowa’s film program as written by the QC Times and CR Gazette. Producers are happy the program is moving forward, even if its on a very limited basis.

Mental Health care may suffer if the state moves ahead with shutting down one of the 4 state-run MHI’s. The Burlington Hawkeye looked at the impact of closing one of the facilities. The article focuses a lot on Mt. Pleasant. Full disclosure, my mother worked as a RN at the MHI in Independence for more than 20 years.

More budget cut talk. This time the rodeo program at Iowa Central Community College will survive a previous death sentence. The FD Messenger reports.

Mason City Globe Gazette reporter John Skipper is a published author again. This time its a book called “The Iowa Caucuses.” Its a look at the history of the Caucus and what have been some of the first tests for presidential aspirants. Its John’s 11th book.

Will dancing at Muscatine HS grind to a halt? This one you have to read to decide for yourself.

Is what we are using to clean ourselves polluting our water? Kay Henderson reports.

Ernie Goss has been a guest and featured on the Iowa Journal and Market to Market before. His monthly survey shows Iowa’s economy is still struggling and November was the worst since May.

Are we going to see any new flooding in Iowa? The CRG reports more climate studies project more flooding.

The sale of Waldorf College to an Alabama school is a step closer to reality. This week the sale was approved by the Iowa College Student Aid Commission. The campus will stay open for now and keep 111 jobs in the area that needs every one of them.

Iowa’s mental health issues are important to all of us. Now a task forces formed at looking at the 4 state-run facilities is now back with a recommendation… to keep them open.

But later in the same day, state leaders looked to close a facility anyway.

If you drive, you know there’s eyes in the skies looking at you. A new set of eyes are being planned in Cedar Rapids to catch red light violators and speeders on I380.

What stories did I miss as being important to the state that happened this week?


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