Green Themes coming to TIJ

We are getting ready to re-air a few of our field segments in a new Iowa Journal program.

As part of our 10% budget cut, we need to make some of our original work go a little further.

So, we are putting together a couple of shows with some themes. One of them is a Green-theme.

The first one will be a look at the Green Homes that first aired in May of 2008.
This show looked at many of the things in your home that can be used that are greener.

Then, there’s the Too Much Stuff show that aired in July of 2008. Do we have too much stuff in our homes? Will our landfills be able to handle all the stuff we keep buying?

And we’ll also air our look at what Iowa colleges are doing to be sustainable. This includes a look at efforts at Luther and Wartburg in their energy use challenge and then the efforts at Central College.

That program originally aired in March of 2009.

Look this program in January, 2010. I’ll let you know an air date when it gets closer.


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