Home for the holidays

I used to not get home much for the holidays. Or if I did, it wasn’t for very long.

I remember working a few holidays as I mentioned in the last post.

There was one year I closed down KWAY in Waverly at midnight. I rushed out on Christmas Eve, by this time, Christmas morning, for the farm. We then started opening presents at 1245a. Yikes.

Now Its a little earlier with children involved.

But we also altered our holidays because mom worked nights at MHI in Independence. So we had to be done by 1040 pm so she could go to work.

This year at Thanksgiving we were at Amy’s parents then headed to the farm on Friday. It’s always good to be back in the land of big sky and stars. Don’t forget the wonderful sunsets like the picture above.

Aunt Eve made it. She’s now 95 plus. Pretty strong woman. She was still cutting hair about 15 months ago.

Her grandson David brought her down from Fairbank. I hadn’t seen David since I was Noah’s age. He most recently was living on a boat in France. Now he’s back in the states. He’s working on getting his level one ski instructor certification. This way he can teach in California. His brother Neal had helped mom get Eve to the assisted living facility. No small task.

David did have a new iPhone 3GS so he wanted to know what apps I had. He even shot some video as he hadn’t done that yet with his new toy.

Don’t forget second or third cousin Henk on mom’s side. Thy may be worth a post some time. He was doing a little Internet research back in Holland on the last name Wassenaar and found mom’s brother Gordon. Henk is super smart and now living in Austin, TX. This comes after time in Michigan and Chicago.

There was no fireplace going last night but I can guarantee it will be on Christmas when we head up again.

How was your Thanksgiving?


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