Working Thanksgiving

Working in media will give you plenty of opportunities to work the holidays. In fact, for years, I didn’t know what a holiday was, I thought it was just a day that stories got harder and you wore jeans more often.

My first Thanksgiving was working in Mason City at KIMT-TV. I was the fill-in sports guy, so I got the duty that year. The rule was, at least one local story a day. So, I found a USHL hockey team member of the North Iowa team and how he was celebrating Thanksgiving with his host family.

After shooting that, I headed to Amy’s parents in Britt for a Thanksgiving meal there. We were dating at the time, so she was home and we could connect that day.

After my move to Davenport, I always had Thursday’s off, so I always had Thanksgiving off. That was Doug Retherford’s rule. Thanks, Doug. But this meant I missed one of KWQC’s greatest traditions, Theresa Bryant’s Thanksgiving meal.

Each year Tee would make a meal that rivaled any meal in the country. She did it all in the kitchen of KWQC. It was always appreciated. It was one of the reasons working on Brady Street Hill was such a good deal.

Lastly, my only Thanksgiving at WHO-TV was in 2006. That year, I was on the assignment desk. I was in early and left early to get to Amy’s parents in Ankeny. They had moved to Ankeny in 2005.

Jon Cahill was working as a reporter that day in 06 and was determined to have some turkey meal. Since the station wasn’t ponying up for anything, he decided to go to Dahl’s and purchase turkey lunch meat and some bread so we could at least have some sandwiches. Thanks, Jon. Always a good time.

You have turkey trots, plumbers and pre-shopping readiness stories every year. But, it what you come to expect working in news, the stand by’s. You could also go to the fire station to see how they were cooking up a big meal. Or anyone else who was working the holiday.

Enjoy your day. Happy Thanksgiving.

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