Waiting for Miley

The kids at Wartburg College are doing it again.

I should be more specific, the Communication Arts students. Its been a few years since I was in their shoes, sweatshirts and hats, but once a Commie, always a Commie.

I’ve written about a couple of guys trying to get a student as Jimmy Fallon’s intern. You can read about Nate and Spencer’s adventures here.

This time, its all about Miley. Miley Cyrus, that is.

A few of of the Comm Arts students have made a music video. They didn’t write or perform the music, just used it to add their own take with the help of their Mac computers and some creative downtime. It took a little bit of planning and from what I learned today. Including some casting involved.

Here’s Waiting for Miley:

They are trying to be an internet sensation and are doing there best to be everywhere and tell everyone they know about their video. So far, its working on a Wartburg scale. The video posted late in the week. As of Friday, the views on YouTube were only about 300. Now they are approaching 3,000. Help them get there and tell your friends to make this everywhere. They’ve been peppering the Today Show and others about the video hoping for a little viral outbreak.

My Twitter Friend Leslie Berg knew she’d seen a video like it before, and here’s a look at the same concept with a Backstreet Boys or Nsync or some other boy band’s song.

The Wartburg version is students working primarily on the Trumpet, the student newspaper. The other version appears from a work site or office situation.

Traditional students spend late nights at the library, in lounges, maybe the bar. But Comm Arts students at Wartburg spend time at the J Lab or locked in a studio working on their craft. Its a fun environment where you can be a little loopy in a late night hour or even cranky.

I’ve gotten some great posts about Wartburg Comm Arts legends. That one is in production now and will posted soon. Thanks to all for the great comments so far.

From what Mac and Nate have said, more videos from this group could be coming soon. So, keep your eyes peeled.

Also, I’ve been told there’s older versions of video from my time at Wartburg, so this could be a bad idea opening up this can of worms.

I think the part that got me hooked was 1:16 in when everyone raises their hands up at once and I knew this was no low-budget item.

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