Past posts

Right now I am experimenting with the WordPress format of blogging instead of the Blogger that I first started with a few months ago.

If you are looking for past posts, check out here

Waiting for Miley with Wartburg College Comm Arts 11/23/09

Chronic Care diabetes, health care 11/16/09

More Sesame Street memories Sesame Street, West Wing 11/15/09

Public Art – What does it do for you? art 11/13/09

Sesame Street Turns 40 Sesame Street 11/11/09

Public Art on The Iowa Journal 11/9/09

Football friday, baseball is all OK angerer, baseball, levine 11/6/09

Tax Credits and Deducations on the next Iowa Journ… tax 11/4/09 Kathryn Koob and Terrorism on the next Iowa Journa… 10/23/09

H1N1 and the Midwest League. 10/19/09

The World Food Prize and a guy named Bill Gates Bill Gates, World Food Prize

Upcoming Iowa Journals 10/14/09

I’m Back Levi

What role does Social Media play in your smart life.

Health Care and a trip in the time machine Iowa Journal 9/24/09

The Iowa Film Industry Part Deux IMPA, iowa film office 9/21/09
Take Out the Trash Day? economy, IDED, iowa film office


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