I hope we can make it to the hospital

We are ready. I think. I hope. I pray. This as we prepare for the birth of our second son.

I also hope and pray the same thing doesn’t happen to us that happened to our friends Carie and Brad Kreiner.


Elliot Carl Kreiner was born at 10:54 p.m., Sunday night, 7 pounds 2 ounces, 20 inches long, on the side of John Deere Expressway. Elliot’s mom and dad are Carie and Brad.

Carie and Amy were roommates when they first started their full-time careers with John Deere. They only knew each other from the internship program, but enough to live together in Moline. So, the girls have been close ever since. Carie was in our wedding and Amy was a part of their wedding.

We keep in touch and contact, especially now that they’ve come back to the midwest from North Carolina. Amy and Carie have another connection again they were both expecting a baby around the same time in late September. Amy is still holding on, but Carie and Brad couldn’t wait to deliver their third baby.

When I say they couldn’t wait, they really couldn’t wait.

Carie and Brad were headed to the hospital late Sunday night as Carie knew it was time. Her water broke in the car on the drive from Geneseo to Moline and Trinity Hospital (the same place Noah was delivered, in the hospital). They were driving down John Deere Road when the baby wouldn’t wait anymore. Brad then delivered the baby right there, 1/2 mile from the hospital.

Noah and I went to Kindermusik on Tuesday night and we came home to Amy being on the phone with Carie. I could tell they had their baby as Amy said, “oh, Elliot, what a great name.”

Amy hung up the phone and said they had their baby, but there’s a great story to go with it. Amy then tells the story you just read and I said, wow. That sounds like a story. Does the media know?

Yup. Figures that WQAD’s Chris Minor reported their story. Here’s the link to her story. As always, Chris does a great story.

Congrats to Brad and Carie.

I’m glad Brad is so cool under pressure. Even if he is a Central College grad.

I hope I can sleep tonight and not have their story going to my brain.


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